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Con un ringraziamento speciale al Notaio Dr. Marco Porceddu Cilione,Verona e alla famiglia dei Conti Braga Rosa Vicenza con la Fondazione Giovanni Braga!


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S. E. Pietro Benassi,

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“Workshop on Venetian Musical Practice in the 17th and 18th Centuries”


The Junges Musikpodium association is dedicated to reviving the close historical links between the court of Dresden and the Venetian musicians of the 17th and 18th centuries. This unique exchange in the field of Baroque music aims to introduce the young students to the wealth and relevance of Venetian musical history, melting pot of European cultural traditions.


Every two year, at the invitation of the Junges Musikpodium, , the most talented students from the Music Academy of Dresden, together with students from Italy, France and eastern Europe, take part in a weeklong specialist workshop in the Veneto. Inspired by the lovely surroundings and by their internationally renowned teachers, the young musicians devote themselves wholeheartedly to mastering the art of Italian vocal and instrumental Baroque music, the contemporary virtuoso rereading of which offers the young musicians a particularly stimulating experience.


The distinguished settings in which the workshop and concerts take place contribute greatly to the success of the Podium: the magnificent Villa Emo with its notable frescoed interior, Castello di Thiene and Villa Trissino in the Veneto countryside, are splendid examples of 16th and 17th century Venetian architecture. In addition to these venues, in 2016 the Podium has been invited to perform at the prestigious festival Settembre Musicale by the historic Accademia Filarmonica of Verona. These concerts complete the workshop programme and provide a very formative experience for the future careers of the young musicians. The resumption of these events every other year, in Dresden, with concerts in the Old and New Masters Gallery, the Albrechtsberg Castle and in Berlin, underlines the interest and cultural importance attached to the project by the German capital and by Dresden, city of music par excellence.


Thanks to its intercultural and first-rate educational approach, this biannual workshop provides the youthful participants with an enviable opportunity to discover a significant chapter of their European culture, a factor which has led the Land of Saxony to support this initiative as a pilot project over a number of years.


It is owing to its many generous supporters that the Junges Musikpodium is able to offer the young artists such a valuable stepping-stone to their future careers.