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European Youth Workshop on Venetian Baroque Musical Practice


The Junges Musikpodium, a non-profit organization founded in 1999, is dedicated to reviving the historical links that existed in the 18th century between the court of Dresden and Venetian musical culture. Thanks to this project, the most talented students of the College of Music in Dresden, invited by the Junges Musikpodium, meet every two years with peers from Veneto, France and Lithuania for an Italian Baroque music workshop.


This type of musical exchange has no similar example in Europe. Led by virtuosi such as the conductors and internationally renown italian specialists Stefano Montanari and Ivano Zanenghi, the students draw from the repertoire and the musical practice in the places where the music was conceipt. The success of the initiative is found in the extraordinary combination of great masters, young talents and the beauty of the locations where music, architecture, painting and history combine in harmony. The work of the orchestra to produce a musical knowledge based on practice and concerts playing, with a contemporary virtuoso reinterpretation, is at the heart of the JMP philosophy, which aims to revive a great chapter of European cultural history.


Over the years the most beautiful architecture by Andrea Palladio has been the setting of the concerts: the magnificent Villa Emo in Fanzolo di Vedelago for the workshop and gala concert, the Palazzo Valmarana Braga and the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. In 2018 the JMP will play also in the splendid Palladian Villa Godi Malinverni, located in Lugo in the sorroundings of Vicenza, at the Castello di Udine invited by the Risonanze Festival Malborghetto Valbruna and at the prestigious Settembre Musicale Festival organized by the historic Accademia Filarmonica di Verona. The final concert will take place, as always, in the Scaligero city of Marostica with the participation of the city choir “I Cantori di Marostica”. The association has been already invited at the Pantheon in Rome in 2009, at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice in 2010 e at the Basilica di San Gennaro in Naples in 2011.


The Italian event resumes in November in Dresden, with gala concerts in the room of the Gallery where Raffaello’s Madonna Sistina is displayed and in the Albrechtsberg Castle and a special concert in Berlin, on invitation of the Italian Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Italy. This underlines the interest in and cultural relevance attributed to the project by the German capital and by Dresden, city of music par excellence.


The physical encounter with Italy and the deepening of the virtuoso practice of the Venetian baroque music are a stepping stone in the artistic development of the young musicians; a privilege that the JMP can guarantee thanks to the precious support of the sponsors and official partners in Germany and Italy.